Establishment of Battery Testing Lab

Funded by Oceaneering International Services Ltd. (100 Lacs) to be completed by 2024
Prof. Manu Sharma (UIET)

Repair, Maitenance and any other Contingency/consumable expenses for the maintainence of High Pressure Homogenizer

Funded by M/s Nanz Med Science Pharma Pvt. Ltd (25 Lacs) in Oct. 2022
Prof. Indu Pal Kaur

Creation of advance instrumentation labs, BSl 2 lab, repair of labs, minor furniture & fixture, software, workstation

Funded by M/s Mylan Laboratories Ltd. (100 Lacs) in Dec 2021
Prof. Indu Pal Kaur(UIPS)

Technical and office support, Infrastructural repair & maintenance, lab upgradation and repairs, purchase/repair/AMC of major & minor equipment, furniture & fixture, electrical & civil work.

Funded by Tynor Orthotics Pvt. Ltd. (5 Lacs) in June 2022
Prof. Indu Pal Kaur (UIPS)