Wire Extruder Machine


A compact and cost-efficient Filament wire extruder machine for quality rapid manufacturing of 3D printing filaments which will be used by small-scale manufacturing units, companies, educational institutes for in-house rapid and effective prototyping & manufacturing.

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3D printing can be a little expensive mainly due to the high cost of the wire roll. So we would be making the wire roll with plastic beads using the Wire extrusion machine which transforms low-cost plastic beads into a uniform wire that can be used as a filament for the 3D printer.

This machine is a filament-making machine: on one end, the user pours plastic pellets while on the other end the machine extrudes the filament of the desired diameter. A digital dial gauge has been set up to simultaneously to check the diameter of the wire being produced. 

The wire roll obtained from this is cheaper as compared to the ones available in the market also different kinds of plastic wire can be made by varying the temperature of the extruder. Based on different melting temperatures for plastics, any wire filament can be drawn.