Touchless automatic sanitizer dispenser


Tank size (Sanitizer holding capacity) = 7”x 5” x 5”

2 Litres approximately

Body –

Touchless sanitizer dispenser dispenses sanitizer on hands of user whenever user places his/her hands below IR sensor of the product. Whenever IR sensor detects an obstacle (hands of user), it generates a signal that excites base of a NPN (TIP 32C) transistor. Thereafter, NPN transistor acts as a switch to operate a 5V relay. Relay in turn operates a solenoid valve instrumented to tank of the product to release sanitizer on hands of the user. Electric/electronic circuit is ruggedly designed and tested for performance. Pertinent to mention here that this product should be installed under shade as IR sensor instrumented in the product is sensitive to direct sunlight. Product is packed in cardboard box with bubble sheet protection. 

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  • 1.   Product releases sanitizer on hands of the user as long as user keeps her/his hands below IR sensor of the product.
  • 2. Transparent body of the product allows user to keep track of amount of sanitizer present in the product.
  • 3.  Simple electronic circuit of the product ensures long-life and economical maintenance.

4.      Please contact at 9888509778 for purchasing this product or contact Technology Enabling Centre (TEC), Panjab University, Chandigarh