Smart Traffic Vehicles Counting System


At any Indoor/Outdoor Parking. Also Useful to count number of vehicles entering the city through a road.

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Summary: Many large cities in India are suffering from severe traffic problems as their vehicle populations have become unprecedentedly large. In addition to updating road networks, various state governments are developing their own intelligent transportation systems (ITSs) to address the new challenges of traffic crowding. One of the basic components of an ITS is the vehicle counting system, which is designed to collect traffic flow information for that to be installed on roads. One of the fields that require highly intensive knowledge for  effective policy making is the field of traffic and road planning. It comprises of management of traffic, programming of traffic lights, construction of roads, flyovers or underpasses, etc. Vehicle counting provides a lot of insights on the amount of traffic on various roads across a city and their flow at various times of the day.

Vehicle Counting system has various features such as Its counting accuracy must be higher than 98%, It must be robust in various weather and light conditions, and it should work well at night, It must use the system maintenance should not consume substantial resources.

A vehicle counting system can help to estimate a lot of figures: number of vehicles entering and exiting the city, number of vehicles passing  through a junction, traffic intensities at various times of the day etc.

Application Areas / Utility: It can be installed at Entry and Exit point of a city or any institutes or Area. Following system or Applications can utilized its services.

  • Smart Parking system
  • Smart Traffic congestion control system
  • Recording all kind of incidence
  • Triggering on mishappening
  • Storing all entering and exiting car information
  • Easily to find stolen cars
  • Easily to calculate parking charges
  • vehicle arriving prediction at parking
  • Easily to recognize parking slots for vehicles