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Mobile App development in Android and iOS

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Mobile App Development has now transformed the business processes and communication with the customers and is now reformulating the way people and technology interact with each other. Now for businesses right from the startups to enterprises, the only key to success is to embrace mobile app strategy to provide solutions to user needs and bring a competitive edge to businesses.  Here at DIC, we work with clients to deliver high performance and award-winning smart mobile app development services. Whether you need a mobile app development solution for your iPhone, iPad or Android our team of experts can help you with their deep industry knowledge. Our passion in technology enable us become the top mobile app development agency, help gain excellence, and thereby maximize profit.

Here we can provide all kind of Mobile App Solution for commercial, IoT based Home & Industries, Academic, personal etc. Our Mobile development strategies are to fill all these goal, Mobile App Architecture, Mobile App Consultation Services, Mobile App UI/UX Design, Mobile App Testing, Mobile App Backend Development, Mobile App Integrations etc. our  key areas are Android app, ios app and Cross platform apps

Licensing Terms: Process Starts with initial agreement signed using SRS (Software Requirement Specification) Document.

  1. App Designing Cost  2000 per interface
  2. Android Implementation Cost of Rs 5000/- per interface.
  3. iOS Implementation Cost of Rs 5000/- per interface.
  4. Play store Deployment Cost of Rs 4000/- Annually
  5. Additional Feature Cost: Based on Functional Requirements
  6. Security and Testing Audit: Third party Security and Beta testing Performed.

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