Bite Force Measuring Device


The proposed device measures the bite force of the patient and maintain its record on an online and offline database providing an effective way of keeping organised recorded which is remotely accessible to the Doctor as well as the patient.

The integrated App interface generate a recovery graph of the patient making it easier for the profession to evaluate.

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The Device 3-arm concept allows it to measure unilateral, bilateral and incisors bite force readings providing effective information for the doctor to analyze. The device can maintain patients records on an online database along with an offline database- that is internal device storage making it operable in remote regions where an internet facility is not available.

While maintaining a record, the integrated app interface generates a real-time recovery graph which facilitates the doctors with an idea of the extent of rehabilitation a patient’s biting strength has undergone from the time surgery has to be performed, till the time the jaw surgery has been successfully completed. Analyzing this data specialists can modify their treatment according to the patient’s rate of recovery and provide them with better healthcare services.

Our advanced technology facilitates an active sensory arm constituting a thin film-based piezoelectric transducer, providing a minimal sensing area . The Device Shell can be easily modified and made through 3D printing. The device components are easily available in the market

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