Bionic prosthetic arm


A myoelectric bionic prosthetic arm which can be used by below elbow arm amputees for performing their however impossible day to day tasks easily. Works by acquiring and classifying Muscle signals from an amputee’s hand. A completely 3D printed product which is made from non toxic and water proof Bioplastic.

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A 3D printed trans-radial Bionic prosthetic Arm working with the help of amputee’s EMG signals. Able to perform all basic functions of an arm – such as performing various grip types like holding a pen, holding a card, opening a door, catching objects from air, etc. it can also be recharged from a normal charger adapter. It is made from a non toxic 3D printing filament which is completely safe to be used with edible items. It contains an external armband which sends signals to the prosthetic arm and which is then classified for further functioning. Developed at Medical Devices and Restorative Technologies DIC, Panjba University.