Biodegradable Food Packaging film

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The edible bio-film in this invention has been fabricated from natural polysaccharides materials, with its environmental safety and friendliness, is being considered a potential substitute for food packaging films. 

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  • The bio-films cytotoxicity was tested on a human breast epithelial cell line. As an outcome, the results indicated that the provided materials are non-toxic to the normal breast epithelial cell line and that the edible biofilm has no effect on colony suppression.
  • The biodegradation behavior of the bio-film was also evaluated in soil burial test conditions, measuring weight loss as a function of time, showing complete degradation in 14 days in soil burial method.
  • Possibility of improving the shelf life of mango and grapes by wrapping them with food packaging film (polyethylene) and synthesized edible bio-film at room temperature has been assessed. The chemical spoilage and growth of microorganisms were significantly reduced in fruit wrapped in edible bio-film. Physio-chemical and mechanical properties of the biofilm are investigated, including tensile strength (TS), coefficient of friction (COF), dielectric strength (DS), elongation-at-break (EB), water vapor transmission rate
    (WVTR), oxygen transmission rate (OTR), swelling ratio, moisture retention, and water solubility.
  • According to the findings, bio-film generated from natural sources is a potential alternative to conventional plastic packaging (dry food like noodles, dry snacks etc.) and is capable of inhibiting and altering food spoilage, and can act as a greener substitute. 

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