Maxillo / Cranio Implants

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Severe road accidents take place on a daily basis and many survivors of these accidents end up damaging their skull or their face. Most of them require a reconstruction of a part of their face or their skull, however the process of finding the missing or broken part post the accident is difficult. The treatment of such defects in the absence of an autologous bone poses a major challenge to surgeons as an artificial implant needs to be fabricated keeping in mind the accuracy and the acceptability of the material of implant by the body.
We present an approach that combines Computer Tomography (CT), Reverse Engineering (RE) and Rapid Prototyping (RP) for individual implant production in maxilla-craniofacial surgery. 3D acquisition of the patient’s maxilla/skull is performed, after the acquisition of data; an individual computer-based 3D model of the bony defect is generated. These data are transferred into RE software to create the implant using a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. The reconstructed part is 3D printed. This acts as a template for surgeons and helps them pre plan a surgery and mitigate risks during surgery.
Reconstructing the defect with the proposed method uses modern cutting edge technology to manufacture CUSTOMISED implants with high precision and quality.
It is:
● medically approved for safety and durability
● cost effective
● less time consuming
● requires less expertise in reconstruction, giving an equally good aesthetic and functional outcome
● best in class industry standard

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