Low Cost Cleaning of Solvent Bond Tank

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The paint consists of a) pigments to impart color and opacity, b) binders (resin), which is a polymer that form a matrix to hold pigment in a place, c) extender, which are large pigment particles that improves adhesion, strengthen the film and save binder, d) solvent (thinner) is used to reduce the viscosity of the paint for better application, e) additives which are used to modify the properties of the paint.

A paint manufacturing industry of the region uses acrylic polymers / alkyd polymers / epoxy polymers as an important binder. The alkyd and epoxy polymers settle on the walls of storage tanks and forms debris/clots. These debris/clots need to be extracted out from the storage tanks. Currently, manual extraction is applied i.e. first they scratch the debris/clots from the surface of tanks and then flush them out with the fish nets. This manual extraction process is ineffective and time consuming.

The industry requires low cost, safe and better solution. For more information, contact DST-TEC team of Panjab University.

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