Improvements in Casting

 Industrial Problem for Innovation /

In manufacturing of faucets, casting plays a major role. About 80% of issues erupted during casting process are carried over to other stages of production. Improvements in quality of casting are required.

Bathroom fittings have the following processes: Casting, Machining, Grinding, Finishing, and Electroplating (Major problem of the industry is related to Casting). The Casting process includes Gravity die-casting of Brass. There is an appearance of Pin Holes and Cracks, shrinkage due to die-casting. The rejection rate is 02-12 % (50-60% in some cases).

The raw material is the scrap of brass. In the industry, only surface defects are analysed (Visually). There is a pressure testing machine to look for any leakage. No software simulations are there. The industry seeks innovative solution/improvements in casting.

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