Development of Alternate Technologies (other than RO & MEE) to Recover Process Reusable Water from the Effluent

 Industrial Problem for Innovation /

One of the leading textile manufacturer, has a variety of effluents generated in various processes across their units at different locations and they would be interested in finding out low cost high efficiency treatment technologies to re-use the treated effluent back into process. The variation in products across their units result in various type of effluents and the brief characteristics of various types of effluent are as follows:

Acrylic Dyeing (TDS: <2300, BOD: 150-200, COD: 500-700)
Fabric Dyeing (TDS: 4000-4500, BOD: 500-600, COD: 1000-1300)
Mix effluent of Yarn dyeing and fabric dyeing (TDS: <15000, BOD: 350-500, COD: 1200-1600)
Mix effluent of Cotton Yarn dyeing and fabric dyeing (TDS: <2300 ppm, BOD: 200-300, COD: 650-960)

The most conventional technology available in the market for water recovery from effluent is Reverse Osmosis for obtaining permeate (up to 92-93% of feed) and Multiple Effect Evaporator (MEE) with Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD) for RO reject handling. The MEE- ATFD process is very much energy intensive and requires large amount of steam to function effectively.
Now Industry would like to explore cost effective alternate technologies (i.e. other than RO & MEE) which can be scaled to Industry level to recover process reusable water from the effluent and appropriate low-cost waste handling system integrated in the same plant.

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