Clear Dental Aligners

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INR 87,000.00

Dental prosthetics are an emerging need in dentistry as people go through accidents or are born with defects which lead to broken or misaligned teeth respectively.
Clear Dental Aligners help in taking care of occlusion and misaligned teeth. They are an alternative to traditional metal braces and are far more easier to wear and take care of. They don’t cause any pain unlike the metal braces and they give an aesthetic appeal due to their transparent structure. They can be removed for several occasions like eating, brushing, flossing, etc.
We create Clear Dental Aligners using the intra-oral scan of the patient which is then further used in 3D modeling of the aligners. Then a 3D print of the model is created followed by the process of thermoforming which helps us in generating the transparent aligners.
We focus on the biologically limit of the teeth i.e. the extent to which an amount of pressure can be applied on them in order to align them. Various sets of aligners are created depending on the extent of misalignment of the patient’s teeth. The more the teeth are misaligned, the more sets of the aligners are required. They are created on the basis of several stages and each of these sets are to be worn for 2 weeks by the patient.
We ensure that:
• the quality of the product that we are manufacturing
• the material used in creating the aligners is chemically favorable and doesn’t cause any problem to the patient.
• the sets of aligners are made with precision.
• the process is approved and verified by a medical expert i.e. a dentist in our case.

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