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There are many problems that can arise throughout the casting process that can result in failed castings. The most common operator error would be a mold shift. If the cope and drag of a pattern do not align perfectly, it will produce a defective casting, such as shown in the image. It is up to the operator to ensure that the cope and drag are aligned perfectly, but there are also ways to help prevent this error. The most common way to prevent a mold shift is to use some type of alignment pins to ensure the cope and drag align perfectly. But prolong usage of the mold with the pin, the pin gets worn out and hence cause the Mould shift defect in casting. The operators who are producing the castings at foundries can’t take the time to make sure every mold is aligned perfectly because they have orders to complete in time. Therefore, there must be a technical solution to this problem in order to prevent mold shift. For further details pls contact TEC team chandigarh.

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